Friday, July 10, 2009

Yahooo!! I am Back

After many months of non blogging I am back. Just to tell you, that after the previous post it was my journey:
Nigeria>Ethiopia>Kenya>Nigeria>Kenya>India>Kenya oops!!

So finally I am back, and back with a good news. I am a CCNA now, yes; I passed it on 6th July 2009, at Nairobi, Kenya. So now, what next ? Well I am chasing my CCIE Security. Yeah Security.
Surprisingly it's security not voice, those who are not familiar with my profile, I will share my background with you.

I am a 101% pure Voice guy, and many miles away from Security (untill now)...... I am a graduate engineer in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering with 5 years of experience in hard core voice, I worked with Siemens APAC and Avaya APAC. I am a quad ACA (Avaya Certified Associate) and also CTP (Covergence Telephony Professional). But my employer in Kenya is looking forward for me to complete the security cert and they want my new Avatar for Security Stuff, so here I am, gearing up for all new Cisco Security world.

So far I am finding it very interesting.

Anyway today is 10th and before this month End I am targetting my CCNA Security (IINS) and then in july at leat 1 CCSP exam.

And also now planning to put my progress everyday here, lets see how it goes ?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sinful Sunday.....(for CCIE :) )

One weekend wasted!!

I couldn't control my emotions to watch some really good movies so finally skipped my studies on Sat and Sunday :(

At the Start, I though that I will be watching movies in between my studies.........and it became completely different....I was studying in between my movies!! So a weekend wasted!!

Anyway, movies were good (we were soldiers, WindTalkers, Der Untergang....)

Now I am starting Access Lists and WAN Technologies ( for CCNA this time).....

Once it gets finished (from Todd Lammle's book), I am going to book my slot for exam and......
.I will post the result also :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am in a high spirit for my cisco cert chasing. So also decided to create a blog and post everyday's progress (or atleast once in 3 days, if I could post), anyway coming direct to business, I guess if I keep posting my progress here and also succedes in getting my CCIE..this blog will help others on the same track :)

My past experience is on Siemens, Avaya, Tadiran etc. etc. so actually I don't have any past experience on Cisco, and presently I am working with an African Alcatel Lucent System Integrator, so actually I am trying to chase my CCIE with my own practise, and no almost no on-the-job sort of experience.

So here I start:

I have downloaded CCNA (yes, I am not even a CCNA) syllabus from

Firstly I am trying to go through Todd lamle's CCNA book with Theory only (fast forward) and once I finish, I will move directly with labs.

Lets see how it works.......